About us

We are a research institute with socially engaged researchers and consultants. Together with policymakers and other stakeholders, we conduct research in the fields of sustainable agriculture, nutrition and health. In our research, nature serves as a source of inspiration, as do pioneering farmers, health care professionals and the food industry. Our focus is on integrated methods that can be applied in practice. Information about how we work can be found on the page about our work methods, and the page on our organisation shows how we are managed and governed and provides the objectives of the foundation. There, you will also find our public accountability as a foundation, which includes annual financial reports. The page on our mission and vision describes the societal transitions for which we develop solutions that are based on practical knowledge.

figure nutrient cycles in agriculture
                                   Nutrient cycles in agriculture

Themes and projects 

Pand LBI
   The office building of the Louis Bolk Institute in Bunnik

Interested in knowing what we do? Take a look at our theme pages that describe the main themes in society and their interconnectedness on which our work is focused. The theme pages also provide a sample of our research and various projects — both current and completed. Themes and individual subjects that may be relevant to your work can be found by searching our overview of projects.


If you would like to be kept up to date about the latest developments and important news, then check out our news page or follow us on Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn


Information about our staff members, their main projects, publications and contact details can be found on the staff page. The contact page provides general contact details, directions and information for the press.

‘We are a group of driven researchers and consultants. We hope that our work will fire your enthusiasm for making the Netherlands more sustainable, healthier and more closely connected to nature, using your — and possibly also our — scientific and practical knowledge, while preserving the prospects for both entrepreneurs and society!’  (Klaas Berkhof - Managing Director)

Working at the Louis Bolk Institute

If you are interested in knowing more about the types of positions offered by the Louis Bolk Institute (LBI), and whether there are any current vacancies, then please check out the page: Working at LBI. Here, students will also find more information about LBI internships.

Publications database

The LBI publications database provides in-depth scientific information and practical brochures. Here, searches can be conducted according to theme, content, key words and authors.