Company profile, statutes and Executive Management

Company profile

The Louis Bolk Institute is a medium-sized research and consultancy organisation located in Bunnik, the Netherlands, and was founded in 1976. The institute consists of about 45 researchers, divided over several programmes. Together, we fulfil a pioneering role by applying an integrated approach in contributing to health and vitality, a resilient food system, a sustainable physical environment and sustainable agriculture. Our activities centre around the systems approach (working within context), with respect for the integrity of life and the participative approach to our work.

The foundation’s objective, as stated in its articles of association, is to promote knowledge development for organic and sustainable agriculture, nature, nutrition and health care, in a holistic way that does justice to the integrity of life. LBI’s mission and vision can be found here.

The Louis Bolk Institute is a non-profit foundation with PBO status (Public Benefit Organisation), under RSIN 005182736. View the standard form with public data regarding PBO status (in Dutch).

Louis Bolk

Louis Bolk, Professor of Human Anatomy at the University of Amsterdam (1866–1930), who the institute was named after, once said: ‘How much broader would our opinion of life be if we were given the opportunity to study it through a reducing glass.’ Nowadays, we look at society and the environment in which we live and work through both reducing and magnifying glasses.

Executive Management

The foundation is governed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ilse Geijzendorffer and a Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board supervises the policies that are implemented and determines remunerations, the annual budget and the annual report of the foundation. The members of the Supervisory Board are: 

  • M.H.C. Komen (Rien), voorzitter
  • P.V. Jeurink (Prescilla)
  • S.M.C.A. Joha- van Abswoude (Saskia)
  • S.E. Mager (Sander)

Financial compensation

The members of the Supervisory Board receive an annual financial compensation of almost EUR 5,000. The Chair receives slightly over EUR 7,000. Every year, the Supervisory Board’s financial compensation is indexed to the salaries in the organisation. The current financial compensation refers to the 2021 level.

Staff members are financially compensated for their work in accordance with the terms of employment of the Louis Bolk Institute which include its remuneration policy and salary scales. According to Article 5.4 of the Articles of Association, the Supervisory Board determines the salary and other terms of employment of the Chief Executive Officer.  

Here, you can download LBI’s Annual Report 2023 and Annual Financial Report 2023, both in Dutch.