Customers and clients

Ruud van Nieuwenhuijze, Brabant Water

‘By working together, we can really come up with better solutions. The Louis Bolk Institute is able to look at the whole picture and see the interrelationships.’

Christel Hoogland, Public Housing Arnhem

‘Our collaboration with the Louis Bolk Institute was decisive and organic. We did have a long-term goal, but the pathway towards achieving it was not predetermined. There was room for us to respond to whatever came our way. That was what made this project so much fun.’

Jan Lamers, Practical researcher Plant & Environment, Wageningen University & Research

‘As a result of our collaboration, we are now able to look at soil fertility from various perspectives. We look at it from the perspective of conventional agriculture, while the Louis Bolk Institute delivers expertise on organic farming. This has given us a more complete picture and allowed us to draw better conclusions than if we had been working on our own.’

Toine Heijmans, Agrifirm Feed

‘The strength of the Louis Bolk Institute is that they know exactly what farmers want and need. Together, we are able to achieve a higher goal. The fact that there is real cooperation in the joint research makes both farmers and our experts on roughage and forage more and more enthusiastic.’