Working together on sustainability

  Stagiairs en onderzoekers samen in het veld in Groningen
     Interns and researchers together in the field, in the Dutch Province of Groningen

We regularly offer internships and graduation projects. You can respond to any such internship opportunities, but you may certainly also come up with your own proposal. We particularly welcome new initiatives on subjects such as plant cultivation, plant breeding, animal husbandry and soil, as well as lifestyle, vitality and health. Our interns and graduates come from HAS, Wageningen UR and other universities and institutions.

We offer interns a small reimbursement, irrespective of educational level or study year. Interns do research work and have a large degree of freedom. Of course, we also ask for their contribution to some of our larger projects, but as an LBI intern, we do not consider you ‘cheap labour’. You will be part of our research family; you will be given personal and professional development opportunities and can see if the work that our researchers do would suit you. We like to discover your potential, so that perhaps we can hire you as a researcher directly after your internship or at a later stage, if the opportunity presents itself.

Current internships

Currently available internships:

At the moment we don't have any internships available.

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Stay informed about interesting possibilities for internships by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn. For questions about internships, please contact our Managing Director, Klaas Berkhof (Telephone: +31 (0)343-523860 or E-mail: