Annual Report 2014 Louis Bolk Institute: Enhancing adaptive capacity

Annelijn Steenbruggen, Lidwien Daniels. 2015. Annual Report 2014 Louis Bolk Institute: Enhancing adaptive capacity. 2015-024 C. Louis Bolk Instituut, Driebergen.
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2015-024 C
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Abstract / summary in English:

In the Annual Report 2014 of the Louis Bolk Instituut the central theme is the adaptation model. Executice director Jan Willem Erisman: "All our projects are aimed at developing conceptual and practical knowledge and solutions to promote adaptive systems. Both for agriculture and health care, I see two ways to get there. The most effective route is conversion: radically reduce dependence on external inputs, increase resilience, and build on from there. However, a more gradual change is definitely also an option. We support both approaches with knowledge and advice."

Projects mentioned in the Annual Report:

Conceptual framework for increasing biodiversity in dairy farming

Skylark farmers’ network for developing a soil scan

World School World Neighbourhood

Mapping study of complementairy health care



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