The anthroposophic treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis

Rationale, treatment approaches and health-promoting effects

Erik W. Baars. 2008. The anthroposophic treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis: Rationale, treatment approaches and health-promoting effects. European Journal of Integrative Medicine. 1.
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Conventional treatment of allergic rhinitis with antihistamines and corticosteroids has proven to be effective in reducing hay fever symptoms. However, patients often suffer from side effects of these remedies and remain chronically in need for symptomatic treatment during the pollen season for decades. In anthroposophic medicine, there is more than 80 years of positive clinical experience with the treatment of allergic rhinitis. In the last decade several both conceptual studies and empirical outcome studies have been performed with positive results.
"Citrus/Cydonia comp., an anthroposophic medicine, is prescribed in the practices of general practitioners in more than 80 years as a subcutaneous application or a nasal spray. A survey among a group of 39 prescribing Dutch general practitioners showed that according to their clinical experience the subcutaneous treatment is most effective: (a) patients often have permanently less or no hay fever symptoms after treatment, (b) the effect is there within 2 weeks until 3 months of treatment and (c) the effect is optimal after several years of treatment. A survey among Dutch anthroposophic therapists demonstrated that Eurythmy Therapy is the treatment of choice next to Citrus/Cydonia comp. To optimize anthroposophic treatment of hay fever. The first positive effects of Citrus/Cydonia comp. In two outcome studies have been published. Recent in vitro research into the immunostimulation of blood of healthy and hay fever donors demonstrated that Citrus/Cydonia comp. (in vitro) induces an immunoregulatory effect in which the normal balance within the immune system was restored, demonstrating its curative health-promoting effect. In two conceptual studies, scientific facts and anthroposophic concepts on allergic rhinitis and its treatment could be integrated.
"In this presentation, an overview of the state of the art of conceptualization of a system biological approach in the understanding and treatment of allergic rhinitis, the professional experiences with and the empirical effects of anthroposophic treatment, and the planned outcome studies in this field will be presented.

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