CORE Organic Cofund FreeBirds

Encouraging organic chickens and hens to be more outdoors

S. Gunnarsson, V. Ferrante, A. Brinch Riber, Monique W.P. Bestman, Joanne Marchewka, F. Tuyttens, Aydin Ipek, T. van Niekerk, Bas Rodenburg. 2018. CORE Organic Cofund FreeBirds: Encouraging organic chickens and hens to be more outdoors.
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Taal/language: Engels
Abstract / summary in English:

This project leaflets describes the aims and activities of CORE Organic cofund project FreeBirds (2018-2021).


Aim of the project:
"To develop successful husbandry practices in organic poultry production in order to make the
"chickens spend more time outdoors, in accordance with the intentions of organic farming

Keywords in English: Laying hens, broilers, animal welfare, animal health, poultry free-range