Health by self-regulation

Towards an evidence-based fundamental concept for science and practice of integrative medicine.

Erik W. Baars. 2008. Health by self-regulation: Towards an evidence-based fundamental concept for science and practice of integrative medicine.. European Journal of Integrative Medicine. 1
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Taal/language: Engels
Abstract / summary in English:

One of the key aspects of Integrative Medicine is evidence-based health promotion. However, until now there is a lack of scientific consensus on the concepts of health and health promotion. In this presentation, the newly developed concept of ‘health by self-regulation’ will be introduced and aspects of its validity will be described.
"At first the historic development of the concept of health during the last centuries will be reviewed. It will be demonstrated that throughout history two elements have been central in the conceptualization of health: wholeness and balance. Furthermore, it will be demonstrated that in the development of conceptualization of health, a new step is made. The focus has changed from the state of ‘complete physical, mental and social well-being as described in the definition of the World Health Organization in 1946 towards the processes that are responsible for providing wholeness and balance on all levels in human beings. Secondly, the core elements of the concept will be described in general and specifically for the three sub-domains: physical health, psychosocial health and meaning in life. Then the validity of the concept will be explored by demonstrating that the concept is internally consistent, is in accordance with other relevant theories (e.g. self-organizing systems, systems biology, chronobiology, salutogenesis, hygiogenesis) and is in accordance with the empirical phenomena. Finally, the implications of the concept for science and practice will be demonstrated.
"The new concept of health by self-regulation will provide a scientific solid fundament that will enable the integration of a conventional ‘fighting disease’ approach and a ‘health promotion’ approach in a scientific way. Thereby it will offer a contribution to the further development of Integrative Medicine.

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