Measures for Nature-based agriculture

J. W. Erisman, Nick J.M. van Eekeren, Anne van Doorn, Willemien Geertsema, Nico Polman. 2017. Measures for Nature-based agriculture. 2017-035 LbD. Louis Bolk Instituut, Bunnik.
Pagina's / pages: 50
Type: Rapport
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Taal/language: Engels
Abstract / summary in English:

This memorandum provides a definition of nature-based agriculture and an overview of measures that contribute to it. Nature-based agriculture is a form of sustainable agriculture which makes optimal use of ecological processes and integrates them into farming practice. It is based on a healthy biodiverse soil, produces food within the boundaries set by the living environment and has positive effects on biodiversity and climate.


Nature-based agriculture has a positive effect on biodiversity and the environment on and around farms. Farmers who want to farm in an Nature-based way have to make investments in the short term, for example in machines and the organization of their farm. But in the longer term the farmer will reap the financial benefit: profit for farmers and society. This is shown by research from the Louis Bolk Institute and Wageningen Environmental Research, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Keywords in English: Nature-based agriculture, environment, biodiversity, sustainability, climate, business economics, arable farming, dairy farming